Coordinator Group

The Department of Cardiology at the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón (HGUGM), directed by Prof. Francisco Fernández-Avilés constitutes one of the cores of the research at the Gregorio Marañón Institute of Research IISGM. The HGUGM is an academic institution, member of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid forming undergraduate, pre and postdoctoral students.

Under the umbrella of the Cardiology department, the Cardiac Physiology & Imaging group, led by Javier Bermejo, is a multidisciplinary team fully dedicated to the characterization of cardiac hemodynamics through signal and image analyses. By implementing innovative technical tools for data post processing, this group has generated new knowledge about physiology, diagnosis and prognosis in cardiovascular disease.

The symbiosis between clinical, teaching and research roles of the HGUGM’s Cardiology department is a rare but notable example of how introducing basic science and engineering modeling for the understanding of cardiac physiology may impact patient care.

Francisco Fernández Avilés
Javier Bermejo Thomas

Research Team

  1. Francisco Fernández Avilés , MD, PhD
  2. Javier Bermejo Thomas, MD, PhD
  3. Pablo Martinez-Legazpi, MEng, PhD
  4. Candelas Pérez del Villar Moro , , MD, PhD
  5. Ana González-Mansilla, MD, PhD
  6. Raquel Prieto, MD, PhD
  7. Antonia Delgado-Montero, MD, PhD
  8. Esther Pérez-David, MD, PhD
  9. Teresa Mombiela, MD
  10. Elena, RodríguezGonzález, MD
  11. Christian Chazo Paz, AEng
  12. Yolanda Benito, DCS
  13. Myriam Souto, DCS