Associated Group

The Computational Fluid Mechanics LAB, co-directed by professors Manuel García Villalba and Oscar Flores, develops its activity since 2011 within the Department of Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering of the Universidad Carlos III University of Madrid.

The main research line of the group is the analysis of fundamental phenomena in not stationary and/or turbulent flows via numerical simulations. These simulations are computationally expensive, being our group an expert in supercomputing.

Oscar Flores
Manuel García-Villalba Navaridas
  1. Oscar Flores Arias, AEng, PhD
  2. Manuel García-Villalba Navaridas, AEng, PhD
  3. Gonzalo Arranz Fernández, AEng,  MSc
  4. Alejandro Gonzalo Grande, AEng,  MSc
  5. Cayetano MartínezMuriel, AEng,  MSc